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Club President Candace Turnham

By Laws

By-Lawsof the Rotary Club of Tullahoma


(Approvedby the BOD Oct. 24, 2014)

ArticleI. Board of Directors

Thegoverning body of the Rotary Club of Tullahoma ("Club"hereafter) shall be a nine-member voting Board of Directorsconsisting of the three Directors elected in accordance with ArticleII of these Bylaws, the President, President-Elect, Vice -President,Secretary, Treasurer, and immediate Past President. The Board, in itsdiscretion, may appoint an Assistant Treasurer and an AssistantSecretary as non-voting members. It shall meet monthly at a time andplace named by the President and shall be on call before or afterregular meetings as appropriate.

ArticleII. Election of Directors and Officers

Section1 -- The election ofDirectors and Officers will be held at a regularly scheduled meetingnot later than March of each year. The Board of Directors ("Board"hereafter) shall appoint each year a Nominating Committee of the twoimmediate Past Presidents and the current President for the purposeof presenting the nominations for directors President,Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, not later than February orless that one month prior to the annual meeting for the election ofOfficers. There will be three Directors (each serving three yearstaggered terms), with one new Director nominated each year (note 1). Additional nominations may be made by the membership from the floorfollowing the report of the Nominating Committee. Candidates forDirectors and Officers who receive a majority of the votes cast shallbe declared elected to their respective offices. If there are morethan two (2) nominees for a position and no nominee receives amajority of the votes cast, a run-off election between the twonominees garnering the most votes shall take place immediately.

Note1. The first election after these Bylaws are approved will be forthree Directors with one serving (3) years, one serving (2) years andone serving (1) year. Thereafter one new Director will be electedeach year.

Section2 -- The Officers andDirectors so elected as voting members of the Board in March shallassume their respective positions on July 1 of the same year of theirelection and serve a one year term except for the Directors electedwho will serve two or three years, and the person who was electedPresident in March automatically becomes President-Elect for a oneyear term beginning in July of the same year and the President-Electfrom the current year becomes President July 1.

Section3 -- A vacancy on theBoard of Directors or any office shall be filled by action of theremaining members of the board.

Section4 -- A vacancy in theposition of any Officer-elect or Director-elect shall be filled byaction of the remaining members of the Board of Directors-elect.

ArticleIII. Duties of Officers

Section1 -- President. Itshall be the duty of the President to preside at meetings of the cluband Board and to perform such other duties as ordinarily pertain tothe office of President. Any decision within the Bylaws made by thePresident requiring club resources will require the approval of theboard.

Section2 -- Vice President.It shall be the duty of the Vice President to preside at meetings ofthe club and board in the absence of the President and to performsuch other duties as ordinarily pertain to the office of vicepresident.

Section3 -- President-Elect.It shall be the duty of the President-Elect to attend the DistrictPresidents Elect Training Seminar (PETS) and the District Assemblyunless excused by the District Governor Elect for PETS, and toperform such other duties as ordinarily pertain to the Office ofPresident-Elect. The President-Elect is also encouraged and has theoption to attend the RI Convention in June.

Section4 -- Secretary. Itshall be the duty of the Secretary to keep the records of membership,record the attendance at meetings, record and preserve the minutes ofBoard of Directors meetings, make the required reports to RotaryInternational ("RI" hereafter) and the District Governor,and other duties as usually pertain to the office of secretary.Duties of an Assistant Secretary, if appointed by the Board, will beextracted from the above and this office shall be responsible to theBoard, and, if the appointee is a member of this club, may not beliable for payment of dues or assessments during such period ofservice at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Section5-- Treasurer. It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to have custodyof all funds, accounting for same to the club annually and at anyother time upon demand by the Board and to perform such other dutiesas pertain to the Office of Treasurer. Duties of an AssistantTreasurer, if appointed by the Board, will be extracted from theabove and this office shall be responsible to the Board, and may notbe liable for payment of dues or assessments during such period ofservice if the appointee is a member of this Club at the discretionof the Board.

Section6. – Directors.It shall be the duty of the Directors to attend the monthly Boardmeetings and to provide the continuity of management purpose when theBoard is addressing Club operation decisions. The Directors will alsoserve as a resource to the committees in the four service areas asadvisors and as a source of information to the committees. Directorsalso may be asked by the Budget Committee for input in preparing thebudget. Finally, the Directors are expected to be a resource to thePresident and to provide the President upon request with informationpertaining to the committees in these four areas.

ArticleIV. Meetings

Section1 -- Annual Meeting.An annual meeting of the membership this Club shall be held at aregularly scheduled meeting in March of each year, at which time theelection of Officers and Directors shall take place.

Section2 -- Weekly Meetings.The regular weekly meetings of this Club shall be held on Friday atnoon except on the Friday following Thanksgiving, two Fridays duringthe Christmas-New Year holiday period, and the Friday following theannual Rotary Banquet. Due notice of any changes in or canceling ofthe regular meeting shall be given to all members of the Club.Members shall be expected to adhere to RI Attendance Rules, as arepublished in the annual Club Handbook and/or Club Web Page.

Section3 -- One-third (1/3)of the membership shall constitute a quorum at the annual and regularmeetings of this club, except as may be provided for otherwise in RIbylaws.

Section4 -- Regular meetingsof the Board shall be held monthly. Special meetings of the Boardshall be called by the President, whenever deemed necessary, or uponthe request of two (2) members of the Board, due notice having beengiven.

Section5 -- A majority ofBoard members shall constitute a quorum of the Board.

Section6 -- Voting byelectronic means may be permitted if approved by the Board ofDirectors at a regular meeting of the Board during the term of thatBoard.

Section7 – Board ofDirectors, annual and special meetings will be conducted inaccordance with the current edition of the Roberts Rules of Order.

ArticleV. Fees and Dues

Section1 -- The membershipdues shall be $660.00 per annum, or as changed from time to time bythe Board, payable quarterly in advance in January, April, July, andOctober, with the understanding that an appropriate amount of eachquarterly payment shall be applied to each member's subscription toTHE ROTARIAN magazine.

Section2 -- Club members whodo not participate in fund raising projects, such as the GolfTournament and the Sports Challenge, may be assessed an amount perevent as established by the Board at the time of each event, with theexception of non-participating members whose employer is a sponsor orsuper-sponsor of the event.

Section3 -- Club members areencouraged to be a Paul Harris sustaining member by contributing$100.00 per annum to the Rotary Foundation by having $25.00 perquarter added to their dues. Paul Harris fellows are encouraged tocontinue contributing to the Rotary Foundation in a like manner. Inthe event an individual member should find this practiceobjectionable, he/she may state those objections, in writing, to theBoard.

Section4 -- An admission feeof $25.00, or as changed from time to time by the Board, shall be dueand payable for any new member to join the Club.

ArticleVI. Method of Voting

Thebusiness of this Club shall be transacted by a show of hands unless aballot is authorized by a majority vote when a quorum is present.

ArticleVII. Areas of Rotary Service

(a)The President shall appoint Officers and Directors of the club toprovide leadership and coordination for the following areas ofservice:

1. Club Administration*
2.Club Service
3. Community Service
4. Vocational Service
5.International Service

* -- The Vice President willbe appointed to this area of responsibility.

(b)The President shall appoint Committees and Subcommittees and appointChairpersons as deemed necessary to plan and execute objectives inthe above mentioned areas of service and inform the Board of theseappointments. The membership of each committee will consist ofappointees by the Committee Chairman and approved by thePresident.

(c) The Club Service, Community Service, VocationalService, and International Service areas shall each have a Directoras a resource for that area, who shall be named by the President fromthe membership of the Board. With only three Directors, one Directorwill be responsible for two Areas of Service.

(d)The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and, assuch, shall have all the privileges of membership thereon.

(e)Each committee shall transact such business as is delegated to it inthe bylaws and such additional business may be referred to it by thePresident or the Board. Except where special authority is given bythe Board, such committees shall not take action until a report hasbeen made to the Board and approved by the Board.

(f) ThePresident may appoint one or more committees dealing with specialsituations, which, depending on their respective responsibilities,may be under any, or all of the committees. Where feasible andpracticable in the appointment of such committees, there should beprovision for continuity of membership, either by appointing one ormore members to a two-year term. The Chairman will appoint themembers of the committee with the approval of the President. Ascircumstances dictate, committees established by these Bylaws may becombined or eliminated as deemed necessary by the President with theconsent of the Board.

Section1 -- Club Administration Area

(a)The Vice President is responsible for Club Administration, and he/shewill coordinate the activities and the work of all committeesappointed on particular phases of the Club Administration area.

(b)The President shall, appoint the following committees on particularphases of Club Administration:

1. Classification
3. Nominating
4. Rotary Information

4.1 Club History Subcommittee

4.2 Club Webpage Subcommittee

4.3 Club Information TechnologySubcommittee
5. Membership
6. Conferences and Governor’sCommittee

7. Audit
8. Bylaws

(c)Where feasible and practicable in the appointment of ClubAdministration Committees, there should be provision for continuityof membership, either by appointing one or more members for a secondterm or by appointing one or more members to a two-year term.

(d)The Classification and Rotary Information Committees shall consist ofthree (3) members, one member of each committee to be appointed eachyear for a term of three (3) years.

Section3 -- Club Service Area

(a)The Director for Club Service will serve as a resource for this area,shall be aware of all club service area activities and shall providethe President with a report of these activities when requested by thePresident.

(b)The president shall appoint the following committees on particularphases of Club Service:

1. Rotary Banquet
2. SongLeaders
3. Sergeant at Arms
4. Club Bulletin
5. PublicRelations
6. Chaplains and Caring
7. Fellowship andAttendance
8. Programs

(c)Where feasible and practicable in the appointment of Cub ServiceCommittees, there should be provision for continuity of membership,either by appointing one or more members for a second term or byappointing one or more members to a two-year term.

Section3 --Community Service Area

(a)The Director for Community Service will serve as a resource for thisarea, shall be aware of all community service area activities andshall provide the President with a report of these activities whenrequested by the President.

(b)The President shall appoint the following committees on particularphases of community service:

1. Environmental (Currentlynot used)
2. Partners in Service (Currently not used)
3.Interact Activities
4. Golf Tournament
5. Club Projects

- See Attachment # 2 for atotal list of projects.

6. Human Development(Currently not used)
7. Scholarship Awards

Section4 - Vocational Service Area

(a)The Director for Vocational Service, will serve as a resource forthis area, shall be aware of all vocational service activities of theClub and shall provide the President with a report of theseactivities when requested by the President.

(b)The President shall appoint the following committees on particularphases of Vocational Service:

1. Career Development(Currently not used)
2. Vocational Awards (Currently not used)
3.Vocational Awareness (Currently not used)
4. Vocation at Work(Currently not used)

Section5 - International Service Area

(a)The Director for International Service will serve as a resource forthis area, shall be aware of all International Service activities andshall provide the President with a report of these activities whenrequested by the President.

(b) The President shall appointthe following committees on particular phases of InternationalService:

1. International Service(Currently not used)
2. Rotary Foundation (No change to current RFprocess.)
3. International Scholarships (Currently not used)
4.Youth Exchange (Currently not used)
5. World Community Service(Currently not used)

VIII.Duties of Committees

Section1 -- Club Administration Service AreaDuties

(a)Classification Committee. This committee shall assignclassifications to new members as directed by the membership andshall review, when necessary, existing classifications represented inthe club and shall consult with the Board on all classificationproblems.

b)Budget Committee. This committee shall make recommendations to theBoard for an annual operating budget by not later than June 1 of eachyear. Its recommendations shall be based upon input received from thedirectors of the Club Administration, Club Service, CommunityService, Vocational Service, and International Service areas. Uponapproval of the budget by the board, the Budget Committee willinform, in writing, all committee chairs of the annual budget.

(c)Nominating Committee. This committee will meet not later thanFebruary and shall make nominations for the election of four Officersand one Director each year prior to the annual membership meeting notlater than March. (The first year following the adoption of theseBylaws there will be three Directors nominated with elected tenuresof (1), (2) and (3) years.)

(d) Rotary Information Committee. This committee will keep members informed about the history, object,and activities of Rotary at all levels, manage the Club website andestablish a digital information technology (IT) archive that willserve as the source of all historical information of the Club.

(e)Membership Committee. This committee shall be responsible forpromoting new member recruitment and for member retention. Thiscommittee is responsible for informing prospective new members aboutthe privileges and responsibilities of Rotary Club membership. Thiscommittee will also oversee the orientation and training of newmembers during their first year in the Club.

(f) Conferencesand Governor’s Committee. The President-Elect elect will chairthis committee, which will promote attendance at District andInternational RI Conferences. This ad hoc committee will beresponsible in the event the District Governor or District GovernorElect is a member of this club, or as deemed appropriate in supportof the District Governor.

(g)Audit Committee. Following the adoption of these Bylaws, thisCommittee shall be responsible for auditing all of the Club'sfinancial transactions, first reporting its findings to the Board,and thereafter to the membership. The Club finances will be auditedfollowing the close of each Club year and reported to the Board inJuly.

(h)Bylaws Committee: The 2014-15 Committee prepared Bylaws for this Cluband all Committees thereafter will review the Bylaws annually inconsultation with the Board and recommend any necessary amendments orrevisions to the membership in accord with Article XIV of theseBylaws.

Section2 -- Club Service Area Duties

  1. Rotary Banquet Committee. This committee shall coordinate all arrangements for this annual occasion.

  1. Song Leader Committee. This Committee shall provide a song leader for each regular weekly meeting of the Club.

(c) Sergeant-at- Arms Committee.This Committee is responsible for the set-up and break down ofbanners, badges, flags, public address, etc. for each regular weeklymeeting of the Club. It is also responsible for providing a leaderfor the 4-way test and the pledge of allegiance before each meetingand other duties as may be prescribed by the President.

(d) Club Bulletin Committee.This committee shall endeavor, through the publishing of a weeklyClub Bulletin, to stimulate interest and improve attendance, announcethe program for the forthcoming meeting, relate highlights of theprevious meeting, promote fellowship, contribute to the Rotaryeducation of all members, and report news of the Club, of itsmembers, and of the worldwide Rotary program.

(e) Public Relations Committee.This committee shall interface with the local news media in orderthat the community may be aware of projects and activities of thisClub.

(f) Chaplains and CaringCommittee. This committee provides the invocation for every regularmeeting of the Club and keeps the members informed about Rotariansand their family members who are ill or who have passed away.

(g) Fellowship and AttendanceCommittee. This committee shall promote acquaintance, friendship, andattendance among the members, promote participation by members inDistrict Conferences and International Conventions as well as inorganized Rotary recreational and social activities. It is alsoresponsible for taking attendance, registering and announcingvisiting Rotarians and visitors, gathering payment for visitor mealsat each meeting, and for doing such work in pursuance of the generalobject of the Club as may be assigned by the President or the Board.

(h) Programs Committee. Thiscommittee shall prepare and arrange the programs for the regular andspecial meetings of the club


Section4 -- Community Service Area Duties

  1. Environmental Committee. (Currently not used.)

  1. Rotary Youth Leadership (RYL) Committee. (Currently not used.)

  1. Interact Committee. This committee shall devise and carry into effect plans which will guide and assist the members of this Club in building relationships with the Interact Club at Tullahoma High School and in cooperating with them in service.

  1. Sports Challenge Committee. (Currently not used. )

  1. Rotary Track Meet Committee. (Currently not used. )

  1. Human Development Committee. (Currently not used.)

(g)Scholarship Awards Committee. This committee shall devise and carryinto effect plans to award scholarships each year to students ofmerit at Tullahoma High School, Motlow Community College and otherschools that the Board considers worthy and approves forconsideration.

Section5 - Vocational Service Area Duties (Currently not used)

Committeesthat may be appointed in this service area include, but are notnecessarily limited to, the vocational areas of career development,awards, awareness, and work. Duties of these committees may vary fromyear to year in order to meet the needs of each particular year.

Section6 - International Service Area Duties (Currently not used)

Committeesthat may be appointed in this service area include, but are notnecessarily limited to, the international areas of the RotaryFoundation, international scholarships, youth exchange, and worldcommunity. Duties of these committees may vary from year to year inorder to meet the needs of each particular year.

Section7 – Reports.Prior to the end of the Rotary year, each committee shall file withthe Board a report summarizing its activities and accomplishmentsduring the year. Attachments to the report containing copies of anyapplicable newspaper articles, or other documentation of theiractivities, is strongly encouraged.

ArticleIX. Leave of Absence.

Uponwritten application to the Board, setting forth good and sufficientcause, leave of absence may be granted excusing a member fromattending the meetings of the Club for a specified length of time,generally for a quarter at a time, but which may be extended to ayear's maximum. The member granted a leave of absence shall continueto pay dues and assessments less the meal charges. Temporary leavesmay be granted members on the same basis, generally for healthreasons or health of a family member.

ArticleX. Finances

Section1 -- The Treasurer shall deposit all funds of the Club in a financialinstitution authorized by the Board.

Section 2 -- Payment ofall Rotary expenditures shall be made upon approval of the Board, orby vouchers authorizing payment of obligations against the budgetsigned by the two Officers, by checks signed by (a) two Officers orby (b) one Officer and an assistant treasurer. The Board has theauthority to assist the Treasurer in check issuing and accountingresponsibilities by appointing an Assistant Treasurer, who may be amember of this club, to perform this activity and may waive his/herobligation to pay quarterly dues if a member of this club. A thoroughaudit by the Audit Committee and a certified public accountant orother qualified person as may be deemed necessary, shall be made onceeach year of all the Club's financial transactions regardless ofwhich system of payment and accounting is utilized.

Section 3-- Officers having charge or control of funds shall give bond asrequired by the Board for safe custody of the funds of the Club, costto be borne by the Club if not provided by Rotary International.

Section4 -- The fiscal year of this Club shall extend from July 1st throughJune 30th, and the collection of the members' dues shall be dividedinto four (4) quarterly periods for the periodsJuly-August-September; October-November-December;January-February-March; and April-May-June. The payment of per capitadues shall be made on July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1 ofeach year on the basis of membership of the club on those dates.

Section5 – Prior to the beginning of each fiscal year the Board shallcause to be prepared a budget by the Budget Committee and theTreasure of estimated income and estimated expenditures for the year,which, having been agreed to by the Board, shall stand as the limitof expenditures for the respective purposes unless otherwise orderedby action of the Board. The listing of estimated expenditures shallinclude provision for payment towards expenses of the incomingpresident's attendance at the International Rotary Convention;payment for registration and overnight lodging of the PresidentElect's attendance at the District President Elect Training Sessionand the District Assembly; and payment towards expenses of ClubOfficers and Directors attendance at the District Convention; andpayment towards any other RI or District meetings or functions deemedbeneficial to the Club.

Note:The Budget Committee should define the expense reimbursement rulesfor official Rotary travel expenses. These rules to be approved bythe Board.

ArticleXI. Method of Electing Members

Section1 -- The name of a prospective member, proposed by an active memberof the Club, shall be submitted in writing, through the ClubSecretary. The proposal for the time being shall be kept confidentialexcept as otherwise provided in this procedure. Note: Proposals for anew member who presently is a member of another Rotary Club will behandled in accordance with provisions of the Rotary InternationalConstitution.

Section2 -- The Classification Committee shall determine if the proposalmeets all the classification and membership requirements of the ClubConstitution, making its recommendations to the Board.

Section3 -- The board shall act upon the recommendations within thirty (30)days of its submission, and shall notify the proposer, through theClub Secretary, of its decision.

Section4 -- If the decision is favorable, the prospective member shall beinformed by the Membership Committee of the purposes of Rotary andthe privileges and responsibilities of membership, following whichthe prospective member shall be required to sign the membershipproposal form and to permit his or her name and proposedclassification to be published to the Club.

Section 5 -- Ifno written objection to the proposal, stating reasons, is received bythe Board within seven (7) days following publication of informationabout the prospective member, that person, upon payment of theadmission fee (if not honorary membership), as prescribed in thesebylaws, shall be considered to be elected to membership. If any suchobjection has been filed with the Board, it shall vote on this matterat its next meeting. If approved despite the objection, the proposedmember, upon payment of the admission fee (if not any honorarymembership), shall be considered to be elected to membership.

Section6 -- Following the election, the President shall arrange for theinduction of the new member; the Club Secretary shall issue amembership card and shall report the new member to RI; and the RotaryInformation Committee shall provide appropriate literature forpresentation at the induction and assign a member to assist theassimilation of the new member.

ArticleXII. Resolutions

Noresolution or motion to commit this Club on any matter shall beconsidered by the Club until it has been considered by the Board.Such resolutions or motions, if offered at a Club Meeting, shall bereferred to the Board without discussion.

ArticleXIII. Order of Business at Weekly Meetings

Meetingcalled to order

Song,4-Way Test, Pledge of Allegiance, Invocation

Recognitionof visiting Rotarians, guests

Correspondence and announcements

Committeereports, if any

Anyunfinished business

Any new business



ArticleXIV. Amendments

TheseBylaws may be amended at any regular meeting, a quorum being present,by a two-thirds vote of all members present, provided that notice ofsuch proposed amendment shall have been provided to each member atleast seven days before such meeting. No amendment or addition tothese Bylaws can be made which is not in harmony with theConstitution and Bylaws of RI.

Theserevised Bylaws are hereby adopted by the Rotary Club of Tullahomaduring a regular weekly meeting held

ArticleXV. Attachments

Theseattachments to the Bylaws are not a part of the approved document.They may be changed by the responsible members and record of changesmaintained by the Rotary Information Committee.

Attachment No. 1

AnnualSchedule of Events

RotaryClub of Tullahoma

The schedule of events during aRotary year as stated in these Bylaws is attached below as a helpfulaid to the Officers, Directors and Committee Chairpersons inconducting the club business:

June:(Prior to the new Rotary year.)

  • President-Elect decides on appointments at gets the appointee agreement to serve.

  • Budget Committee submits next year budget to Board.

  • President-Elect attends RI Conference.

  • Audit Committee audits Club financial information.

July:(The first month of the new Rotary year.)

  • Newly elected officers and directors take office.

  • Bylaws reviewed by Bylaws Committee.

  • Audit Committee reports on audit.

  • Budget approved by the Board.

  • Dues invoices mailed.

  • President makes assignments of Chairman and Directors & informs Board.


  • Bylaws Committee delivers review report to Board.

September: (No action required this month.)


  • Dues invoices mailed.


  • President-Elect attends pre-PET training

December:(No action required this month.)


  • Dues invoices mailed.


  • Nominating Committee meets and selects slate for election.

  • Rotary Banquet held.


  • Annual meeting held.

  • Nominating Committee submits list of nominees.

  • New officers and director elected.

  • President elect attends PET training.


  • Dues invoices mailed.

  • President and President-Elect attend District Conference.


  • Budget meets to develop next year budget.


  • President-Elect decides on appointments and gets appointee agreement to serve.

  • Budget Committee submits next year budget to Board.

  • President-Elect attends RI Conference.

  • Audit Committee audits Club financial information.



2014- 2015


  1. Alzheimers Association C

  2. Boy Scouts of America P + C Mike Greene

  3. Dictionary Project C

  4. Distinguished Young Women C

  5. Fellowship of Christian Affairs (FCA) C

  6. Five Loaves for Kids P + C Rick Wright

  7. Golf Tournament P + C Mike Greene

  8. Heart to Heart C

  9. Horse Play C

  10. Keep Coffee County Beautiful C

  11. Partners for Healing C

  12. Polio Plus C

  13. Project C,U.R.E P + C “B” Bowden

  14. Project Graduation C

  15. Sgt. York C

  16. Scholarships Awards P + C Mary Lou Apple

  17. Shepard House C

  18. Southern Honor Flight Program C

  19. Sponsorship Program P + C Jim Devlin

  20. Toys for Tots P + C R. Shasteen

  21. THS Singers C


C –Contribution

P –Participation



2014– 2015

Club Officers &Directors

President: CandaceTurnham

PresidentElect: John Nauseef

VicePresident: Winston Brooks

PastPresident: Dave Johnson

Secretary: BrianCoate

Treasurer: JohnStubbs

Director: HankJordan

Director: MollyG. King

Director: Trey McNabb

AssistantTreasurer (Non-voting) : Bill Bates

Club ServiceAreas and Responsible Board member

  1. Club Administration - Vice President Winston Brooks

  2. Club Service – Director TBA

  3. Community Service – Director TBA

  4. Vocational Service – Director TBA

  5. International Service – Director TBA

Committees inEach Service Area and Committee Chairman

  1. Club Administration

  • Classification – Mike Greene

  • Budget – Linda Bean

  • Nominating – Dave Johnson

  • Rotary Information – Paul Credle

    • History – Marjorie Collier

    • Web Page – Bill Stone

    • Information Technology – Greg Carter

  • Membership – Sharon Edwards

  • Conference and Governor’s Committee – Ray Knowis

  • Audit – Phil Tremble

  • By-Laws – Dr. Bill Bradford

  1. Club Service

  • Rotary Banquet – Paige Prescott Lashlee/Sharon Edwards

  • Song Leader – Jim Mitchel

  • Sargent at Arms – Paige Prescott Lashlee

  • Club Bulletin – Harry Hill

  • Public Relations – Joe Abraham

  • Chaplin and Caring – Don Dixon

  • Fellowship & Attendance - L. E. Wright

  • Programs – Greg Carter

  1. Community Service

  • Environmental – (Currently inactive)

  • Partners in Service - (Currently inactive)

  • Interact Activities - (Currently inactive)

  • Golf Tournament – Mike Greene

  • Club Projects – (See Attachment No. 2)

  • Sponsorship Committee – Jim Devlin

  1. Vocational Service

  • Career Development - (Currently inactive)

  • Vocational Awards - (Currently inactive)

  • Vocational Awareness -(Currently inactive)

  • Vocation at Work - (Currently inactive)

  1. International Service

  • International Service -(Currently inactive)

  • Rotary Foundation – Steve Cope

  • International Scholarships - (Currently inactive)

  • Youth Exchange - (Currently inactive)

  • World Community Service - (Currently inactive)

Theserevised Bylaws are hereby adopted by the Rotary Club of Tullahomaduring a regular weekly meeting held October24th, 2014, for whichnotice was properly given, and which was attended by a quorum ofmembers, by a vote of (6) for and (0) against.

(Signatureon file)


CandaceTurnham, President


(Signatureon file)


BrianCoate, Secretary




Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors
Jim Devlin
Fran Marcum
John Nauseef
Charles Parish
Lester, Greene and McCord Insurance
Henry and McCord
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